Straight from Issue 02

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Photography | Issue 02 
Emerald Liu 

The collection of photographs represent images of places that feel like home, yet imbues a sense of silence, melancholy and stillness. Devoid of people, the pictures evoke a sense of aloneness or isolation, reflecting a current global experience. They offer a view into a sense of calm serenity and negative capability.


Barefoot and Cloaked in New Skin by Bethany Mullins

Summer Sea after Joan Eardley.jpeg

Four Paintings by Judith Skillman

Issue 02.jpg

Among the thing I know about birds by JY Saville

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Modern Penelope by Lina McMullen


Dree Your Weird by Dale Stromberg

Issue 01.jpg

I Walk Out of My Mother's House and Towards the Pacific Ocean by Linnea Cooley 

2020-02-15 Held.jpg

Held by Tucker Lieberman

20210116_111639 (1).jpg

Four Paintings by Phyllis Green

Robyn Smith 2.png

Prospect at the Park by Robyn Smith


Creeping Jenny: A Houseplant's Tale by D.S.G. Burke

Issue 01 (1).jpg

Dragon Della by O'labumi Idorian Brown


Wanda by Frank G. Karioris